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A simple strategies to be healthy

Although most people want to lose weight, be in better shape, and healthy, it can be hard to put in place.

It took a lot of attempts and frustrations before learning how to have a healthy lifestyle and how to be healthy. In The year 2005, I was at 30 kilos more, I was a smoker, addicted to junk food, sedentary, and I could not do sports more than a few days in a row before stopping.

Today, I am in better health, thinner, and fit. I eat healthy most of the time (with little regular pleasures) and I’m able to stick to a meal plan if I want it, and I avoid junk food most of the time.

How did I change? I learned some simple strategies. It will not suit everyone, so choose the ones that might fit your life, and try them! Here are my tips for being healthy!

Simple strategies to be healthy

  1. Swing junk food. Having unhealthy foods in your home or workplace makes it too difficult to maintain a healthy diet. If possible, squeeze everything that is sweet, fatty, fried, or salty. To be healthy you have to do what? The best strategy is not to have them at hand. Empty your cupboards and your fridge!
  2. Find some recipes and buy the ingredients. There are hundreds in lines. Find one or two with which to start, easy ones that do not require an hour of preparation, and go buy the ingredients today. To have good health, you have to invest a little time.
  3. Cook in large quantities. I find it easier to stick to a healthy meal plan if I prepare things in advance. So I cook large portions of chili or vegetable soup, or stir-fried vegetable tofu, and put it in Tupperware in the fridge or freezer. I like to divide into containers representing a portion of meals, so I just have to warm up when it’s time to eat.
  4. Store healthy snacks. When you are hungry at the snack, what are you going to eat? Have healthy things to snack at home, at work, and on the road. Fresh fruits, stick vegetables, nuts, and dried fruits are some of my favorites. My tips for good health are: eat apples, bananas (preferably organic) and other fruits outside of meals. Also, remember to drink plenty of water.
  5. Socialize in a healthy way. Instead of going out to bars or restaurants with unbalanced dishes, can you go out together for tea, basketball, or walking in the park? Where to find a balanced restaurant where to eat?
  6. Find a sports partner. Take your half or a good friend or colleague to walk with you or run with you, or find yourself at the gym or at a sports class. Having someone do it with you makes it more fun and easier, and you’re more likely to go if you have an appointment to meet someone.
  7. Use social networks as motivation. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or your favorite online forum to motivate and report. Publicly announce your health challenges, whether they last 2 weeks or a month, and make others accountable to you.
  8. Play outside.  Wondering how to have good health? It’s important to go out every day and get some fresh air and sun. Move, take the kids and play, find a friend and go for a walk or kick a ball.
  9. Find healthy options when eating out. Instead of eating at fast food or in restaurant chains where everything is fried and oily, can you find other local restaurants with opportunities for balanced eating? Make a list, and go to these places when you go out. To be healthy, you have to think of everything!
  10. Make water and tea your default drinks. Many people drink soda or sweet coffee all day long. It is not necessary for a healthy or appreciable life. Water can become your favorite drink, and tea (without sugar) can be very healthy.
  11. Schedule active breaks. If you spend your day on the computer, plan short breaks every 30 to 60 minutes during which you can do stretching, walk around, and maybe do some squats or push-ups, and drink a little water. Exercising is not necessarily just once a day.
  12. Involve your other half. It’s hard to make changes if your half is reluctant. So, early in your process (understand: now), share your way of seeing, your reading, and ask them to help you be fit. Never force them to change, but see if they can be part of your team.
  13. Start small – do not overdo it. Big changes tend to be hard to keep up. Make a small change in this list, then test another, then another. At each step along this path, you will get used to it and it will become your new standard. No step needs to be very difficult.
  14. Have fun exercising. Create challenges for yourself and your friends. Find sports you like to do. See the race as a form of meditation. Sport is not necessarily boring or difficult; this can be one of the best moments of your day.
  15. Drink red wine. One or two glasses of red wine can be very good for your health, and can add a little fun to your new lifestyle. I truly believe in creating a healthy lifestyle that you enjoy, so add healthy foods you like, activities you enjoy, a conscious tea ritual, and an end-of-day red wine ritual .

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