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How to become fit and Healthy

Get back into shape smoothly

In the left corner, the excuses: you do not have the time, you no longer have energy and the exercise requires too much effort. In the right corner, the benefits: you will gain strength, you will sleep better, you will prevent health problems such as osteoporosis and heart disease and, if this is your goal, your favorite jeans will continue to make you for the ten coming years.

If, for the moment, your excuses serve a beating to the benefits, do not be discouraged. Here’s how to get rid of the pressure while getting the desired results despite the time constraints.

Set goals

If you have stopped exercising for a while, it’s hard to know what your body is like – blood pressure, flexibility, strength, and stamina. Your efforts will pay off if you start by figuring out what your concerns are and setting specific goals, whether it’s cardio, strength, abdominal training, or diet. Do you have a surplus of five kilos since your last pregnancy? Or maybe you have trouble getting your laundry basket upstairs? First of all, a little introspection is necessary.

Choose well

“One of the most important factors in being physically active is choosing an activity that you enjoy,”

says Sherri Audet,

Sherri Audet a physiotherapist and board member of the Sports Information Resource Center (SIRC) in Ottawa. In addition, some studies have shown that your preferences can determine how well you will stay fit. In other words, joining your marathon girlfriend may not be the best solution for you. To find out which activities are most likely to please, take a sports personality test online. You can find one at globalhealthandfitness.com/personality.htm, which offers a variety of sports and exercises based on your personality and lifestyle.

Progress gradually

Often, busy people – like most moms – want exercise programs that deliver visible and immediate results. “In excess of goodwill, people want to do too much too quickly,” says Deanne Taylor, a senior personal trainer at the Hamilton Family Fitness Center. To avoid injury, you have to listen to your body. To avoid injury, you have to listen to your body. Courtney Klinger, Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist and Registered Kinesiologist in Edmonton, recommends avoiding high-impact drills and running on hard surfaces for the first three or four weeks, and advises instead to go for water exercise classes. “These courses offer low-impact activities, are affordable and are usually given at night. And they really push up the heart rate. You can also walk around the neighborhood pulling the kids in a cart.

Allow time in your calendar

According to an English saying, “the one who fails to plan plans his failure”. All experts agree that putting your exercise sessions on your calendar is a guarantee of perseverance. According to Deanne Taylor, three sessions a week are enough to start. “I usually advise my clients to come on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so that there will not be more than two days of non-training and each session will be followed by at least one day of rest. In addition, recent studies suggest that the amount of cardiovascular fitness that is most beneficial could be well below the often recommended 30 minutes per day. So, even if you only have 15 minutes a day, you have no excuse. And whatever time you choose, put it on your calendar.

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