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Tested Treatment of patients with MDR

Treatment of patients with MDR-TB is complex and requires a multidisciplinary approach. Political commitment rapid detection and diagnosis strategies, appropriate treatment

Strategies, appropriate recording are required. Establishing diagnosis, treatment, prevention and follow-up guidelines for patients with MDR-TB beyond the scope of this CPG. There are widely accepted, widely distributed and addressed guidelines this topic is in depth. In addition, MDR-TB (In any form) must be treated by specialists.

A Tuberculosis resistance

Tuberculosis resistance tuberculosis drugs generally due to spontaneous genetic mutation. Genes involved in appearance most types of resistance to first-line drugs are known. This is allowed the development of laboratory tests that diagnose rapidly Resistance, mainly for rifampicin and isoniazid. Resistance is classified either primary, in patients who have not been treated for tuberculosis

Who are presumed to have been infected by resistant microorganisms? Or secondary or acquired, in previously patients received an incorrect transaction. Whether or not the patient has MDR-TB

It is determined by laboratory confirmation in the laboratory. The definition Of MDR-TB is confirmed by tuberculosis. The isolated strains of the patient demonstrate resistance (in vitro) in less isoniazid and rifampicin.

World Health Organization Overview

According to the World Health Organization, the best way to prevent drug resistance is appropriate first line processing of sensitive cases. Primary transmission can be stopped by immediate identification and use of drug-resistant cases appropriate treatment systems. Use DOT strategies during treatment of drug-resistant cases would be of added benefit in eliminating most of the potential Sources of drug-resistant tuberculosis transmission.

In general, there are three types of treatment strategy, though all cases should be subject to sensitivity analysis (in vitro). A standard treatment system based on specific categories in drug resistance records. All patients are in the same condition

  • You should receive the same treatment.
  • Experimental treatment based on the patient’s history and results
  • Of drug resistance to recording in an individual patient.
  • Treatment is tailor-made based on patient’s history
  • Results of drug sensitivity tests.

Standardized systems provide most patients access to treatment, while specially designed treatment requires a large laboratory infrastructure diagnosis even for second line drugs. Although it can prevent exposure of drugs that are potentially toxic and expensive and which the patient is resistant to.

MDR-TB is often treated using a combination of strategies. Where there are no quick tests for drug diagnosis. Sensitivity, experimental treatment began while waiting for the test results. Standard or tailor-made treatment follows. In Spain, where the results quick tests are usually available within a few days, standard or custom treatment started after the results were obtained.

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