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The Most Risks of Abusing Drugs

People who use drugs risk their physical and mental health, relationships with others, performance at school or work, and more. There are different types of drugs that have different risks, but many risks are common to everyone. Short-term effects of drugs. Drugs do not have the same effects on everyone. People can have a bad reaction on a number one of the reasons.

  • Instead of making the person feel calm and Relaxation, may make them medication feel anxious, depressed or nauseated or paranoid.
  • The drug can react strongly to something another person may take, such as:
  • More than anti-drugs,
  • Prescription,
  • Alcohol, or
  • Other illicit drugs.
  • Someone has overdose.

Even if none of these things happen, people can You never know if their next experience will be harmful. The drug is not what it looks like even when people know the person who sold it He gave them medicine, they cannot be sure what it is in it. Maybe it was the medicine they wanted paid for. Or maybe it was quite another thing. Marijuana may smoke a lot Stronger than they thought. It may be contaminated with pesticides or mold.

Sellers may mix real estate with things like Corn starch or soap or other medicines such as Methamphetamine. For example, many “ecstasy” The pills sold may contain little or no MDMA.

Sometimes drugs are mixed with other powerful Drugs (eg, heroin mixed with fentanyl), fatal combination can lead to death.

Medications in the preparation of non-insured

When people use medicine, especially for the first time, they may not know what to do if something happens Error. May find themselves in a position

They cannot control and cannot:

  • Find someone to help them,
  • Get home, or
  • Access medical assistance if needed

Thinking you can manage drug abuse

Many people, when they begin to take drugs, think they can control the effects. They think they can keep them used in safe level, so do not medication affect their lives. But the normal adverse effects Drug use can grow slowly over time. Sometimes it may take several months or years for some Of the apparently harmful effects.

Long-term effects of drugs

Over time, the adverse effects of drugs may come Outweigh any expected positive effects. People Under the influence of drugs usually make the poor decisions and engaging in dangerous behavior. Too much

  • Parts of their lives may suffer.
  • School – Drug use can affect people’s ability to study, focus in class, keep up with duties.
  • Work – if people cannot focus because of them Use of drugs, may lose its function. Worse can endanger or hurt themselves or others at work.
  • Relationships – Drugs can make people passionate and unreasonable, especially if others are criticized Drug use.
  • Money – Using drugs can be costly. People may struggle to pay bills or buy the things they need.
  • Mood – People may feel comfortable while they are there take drugs, but they feel worse when effects It is gone.
  • Sex – The use of drugs may lead to people forgetting safe sex. As a result of unprotected sex the infection can be transmitted sexually or sexually unwanted pregnancy.
  • Legal problems – illegal sale or possession drugs can greatly affect the young future. If charged and convicted, they will have

A criminal record that may cause problems in Future with potential employers or when traveling out of the country.

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